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Graduating Interns


Congratulations on your graduation!  


If you are staying in Nova Scotia, you will need to register with NSDA in order to practice using the titles dietitian or nutritionist in Nova Scotia.  NSDA is the only licensing body for dietitians in this province.


Licensure is required by the Act of the Nova Scotia legislature before you may use the titles dietitian or nutritionist.  You must not use these protected titles to indicate your position or allow anyone else to use them when referring to you, if you are not registered with NSDA.


The mandate of health profession regulatory bodies is public protection. Regulatory bodies ensure the provision of safe, ethical and competent practice. The primary recipient of regulatory services is the public. This mandate distinguishes regulatory bodies from professional associations, such as Dietitians of Canada, where the primary recipient of professional services is members.


You must be a member of the regulatory body in the province in which you work.   If you plan to work in the Northwest Territories, it would be wise to maintain membership a province. This will help to avoid having to re-write the Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam (CDRE) at a later date in your career should you then wish to work in another province. You should also enquire about whether you should maintain your membership in a provincial regulatory body if you plan to leave the country to work and return at a later date.


To register with the Nova Scotia Dietetic Association you must complete the application form.  The application fee is $65.00 and must accompany the application.  Please note, if your documentation was issued in a different name from the one you currently use, we require a copy of the certificate of name change or marriage certificate.  Your application is due March 3, 2014 to write the CDRE in May 2014.  


When your application is reviewed, and you have met the academic and practicum requirements for registration, you will be notified that you are eligible to become a temporary member of NSDA.  A temporary membership fee will be due at that time to complete the processing.  As a temporary member, you have all the rights and privileges of full membership, except the use of the protected professional designations dietitian or nutritionist in any context, or the acronym P.Dt..  You cannot vote at meetings of the NSDA or hold an office of the board of directors. 


To qualify for full membership with any provincial regulatory body (except Quebec), you must successfully complete the CDRE.  Exams are set for May and November. The spring 2014 CDRE is scheduled for May 9 or 10.  Once registered as a temporary member, you will be notified of the location of the exam.  The payment deadline for the $400.00 exam fee is April 1, 2014.   Please note that you must have completed your internship and have obtained temporary membership by the exam payment deadline in order to write the next sitting of the exam. 

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