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Canadian Dietetics Registration Exam

The Canadian Dietetics Registration Examination (CDRE) is a national examination developed and administered by the Alliance of Canadian Dietetic Regulatory Bodies.  The CDRE is a requirement for registration in all provinces except Quebec.

The CDRE is a computerized, one-day multiple-choice examination designed to test practice-based knowledge, application, and critical thinking skills required to competently and safely practice dietetics. The CDRE is administered in May and November each year at sites across Canada.   In Nova Scotia, writers will write on November 4 and 5, 2016.

If you are registering with NSDA, but are living in another province during the exam time, you may write the exam in that province’s writing centre.  At the time of your application to NSDA, indicate that you would like to write the exam outside of Nova Scotia or in the United States.  If additional costs are incurred to NSDA for that arrangement, you will be notified and billed for these costs.

Exam Date

The fall 2016 exam is scheduled for November 4 and 5.  You have a choice to write either day.  Seats will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

Registration Deadlines 

Application deadline for temporary membership - September 7

Deadline for payment of exam fee - September 30

The application deadline is when the application form and application fee for temporary membership are due to NSDA.  If you have not yet completed your internship, you may indicate on the application form that official documents from the university/program will be forthcoming.  All documentation must be received by September 30 to write the November exam.

To complete the exam application process, ensure that the temporary membership fee and exam fee of $440 are received by NSDA by September 30.

2016 Preparation Guide

The Guide includes information about the exam, sample exam questions, and a reference list.  Click here to view the 2016 Canadian Dietetic Registratration Examination (CDRE) Preparation Guide.  

Please contact NSDA for a copy of the Guide in French.  For candidates who wish to write in French, note that there is now a French toggle function to enable you to toggle from French to English during the exam. 

Presentation for Temporary Membes - TBA

Online Tutorial

In compliance with CSA's Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information, NSDA wishes to advise writers of the Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam (CDRE) that your name and contact information will be sent to Schroeder Measurement Technologies, Inc. (SMT), the exam developer and to Iso-Quality Testing, Inc.(IQT) the company that provides exam writing centers for the CDRE.  This information will be collected, used and disclosed according to their privacy policy. Your personal information is subject to U.S. laws, including the USA Patriot Act.  For questions or clarification regarding the organizations’ privacy policies, please contact SMT at http://home.smttest.com/, Iso-Quality Testing, Inc. at https://www.iqttesting.com/Default.aspx or email NSDA at nsda@ns.aliantzinc.ca.
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